Nick Tann

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February 28, 2018

Sofar Sounds Southampton

4 Days
3 Hours
32 Minutes

March 20, 2018

FlairShare House Gig Kilburn London

24 Days
3 Hours
32 Minutes

August 11, 2018

New Forest Fairy Festival Burley Hampshire

167 Days
8 Hours
2 Minutes

August 12, 2018

New Forest Fairy Festival Burley Hampshire

168 Days
8 Hours
2 Minutes


February 22, 2018

Richard Vobes Walking Videos

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February 15, 2018

Sofar Sounds and Twitter

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January 31, 2018


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January 23, 2018

Of all the sandwich shops..

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Nick Tann Trio – Authentic

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NIck Tann Trio – Maple Leaf Sessions – Southampton – 9th June – Jess Hawkins

Nick Tann Trio -The Bedford Live Balham – 30th May 2017 – Brad Inglis

Nick Tann – Sofar – Brighton – February – 2017- cczhphotography

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Safe Harbour – Sofar Sounds – Nottingham

Date August 16, 2017

Feels Good To Be Free – Sofar Sounds – Brighton

Date February 21, 2017

Looking Out For Myself – Clip- SofarSounds Brighton

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Nick Tann Trio “Authentic”

Nick Tann 3am Solo album

Nick Tann Trio Press release 2017

Nick Tann Trio Press release 2017 Having earned his stripes doing everything from solo acoustic guitar slots to playing bass in bands, from playing both deft originals and crowd pleasing covers and exploring everything from jazz to folk to rock, Nick now sits at the head of one of the most exciting trio’s on the national circuit today. The Trio builds on the inherent emotions that lie at the heart of Nick’s songs using less is more textures, enriching the musical flavours and adding depth but letting the songs speak for themselves. The music is both familiar and impossible to pinpoint, a shifting array of classic styles, folk, rock, soul, jazz, r’n’b; but deconstructed and put back together in a very singular style.

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