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3am-The Album-Track by Track-Don’t

3 am cd

Don’t is one of my “darlings” a kind of pet song I suppose and one written back in the days when I played exclusively 12 string guitar. Always had a soft spot for it. The main theme of the song, simple finger-picking over a C shape chord moved 2 frets up, sets the sad tone for this song. I wrote it around the time The La’s released “There She Goes” which uses the same shifted C chord. I have no idea where the orchestral chorus came from, most probably one of the many bits and pieces of guitar noodles that I’ve come up with over the years. I have truckloads of them, spare little licks and grooves just hanging around waiting to be used for something or other. The lyrics born out of a fictitious unrequited infatuation with someone regarded as “the pretty one” in the group and with a London accent “….never just another bird” loosely based on a very pretty girl I knew at the time called Dawn.

Probably my most popular song both live (I usually end with it- actually is THAT why it’s popular?) and on radio as well with the mighty Tom Robinson playing it two weeks running on his BBC6Music Saturday night show  adding “He’s just so good”. Rumours that I have that clip of him saying that on a loop are totally unfounded…..!

It’s still a song that resonates with people and was great fun to record. We added extra layers of guitar and built up the atmosphere of the piece. The instrumental version is one of my most popular tracks on Soundcloud. I think that is a pretty good testament to the amount of love I put in to it. If you hunt around on Spotify you can probably find a rough 12 string guitar version as well.

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dont, take me for another fool
don’t, you’ve gone and broken every rule
don’t, you walk away and think it’s cool
don’t, you didn’t have to be that cruel,

so I, as strong as I am
the fear of falling
you just couldn’t understand

don’t, your never just another bird
don’t, you and me it’s just absurd
don’t, you get no points for coming third
don’t, don’t you say another word

don’t, say you want me as I am,
don’t, I try to do the best I can
don’t, let you see that I’m the man
don’t, that wasn’t ever in the plan

don’t , dream for things they might come true
don’t, tell me that you want me too
don’t, not ’til you and him are through
don’t, cos i could really fall for you

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