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Not having blogged for years I thought it might be a good idea to revive this once popular pastime…

Let me bring you up to speed on where my musical career is at this moment in time, just over 5 years since I gave up all that working 9 to 5 nonsense in 2012.

I’ve released two albums, my solo effort 3AM and Authentic that I recorded as The Nick Tann Trio. The Trio is going great guns with a bevvy of gigs played and plenty more planned for the future. I have a whole albums worth of brand new and reworked songs that I am planning to record early 2018.

My “Is This Thing On” independent music podcast is approaching it’s tenth year! It is still generating plenty of subscribers and bringing new independent music to the discerning ear of music lovers worldwide.

I’m also paying my way in the world! My guitar/bass/singing teaching business is as busy as ever and allows me the luxury and flexibility of choosing my own working hours whilst at the same time sharing my passion for music.

My Facebook page continues to gain support as does “Team Tann” the name of my supporters who get frequent Newsletters with updates and free downloads.

I am still inspired to write new songs, I have three on the boil as I type, and I am still striving for bigger and better gigs. I have bought myself a Strymon Big Sky Reverb machine that is totally revolutionising the sounds as well as breathing life into some of my older songs creating a bigger more expressionist feel.


Just back from visiting the beautiful island of Crete, I am so pumped full of enthusiasm hence this return to blogging. I have some exciting news I want to share with you but I need to get a few details sorted before I let you know. I should have the details soon so I can let you know in the next post… oh yes, there will be more!

“My first foray into the world of music was playing bass in a band with my school friends Drew Harris, Andy Laver and Mark Greenstreet. We used to rehearse in Drew’s garage. My dad would have to ferry an ancient electric organ the quarter miles to Drew’s so that he (Drew) could play it and I could plug my bass into its internal speaker. Andy used to play guitar and write the original songs that we would perform along with a bunch of Beatles and Monkeys covers at school and other gigs that 14 and 15 years olds might play at. Mark was an amazing drummer and his passion for reggae and ska music pushed us in that direction. I adored playing bass and still do. We came up withe the name “Extra” and worked on songs during our school music lessons until it was announced that after missing our lessons for around a year, we would still be required to take our Music C.S.E. despite being told the contrary. I managed to scrape a grade 4, grade 5 being the lowest. I don’t think it held any of us back as we four still managed to entertain our audiences for a few more years before embarking on our own personal musical journeys. There are a few rare recordings on 1/4 tape as well as a video that are about somewhere…”




I saw a concert back in the last century, it was possibly the best gig I had ever experienced. The music, the songs appeared out of nowhere, woven from gold and silver, almost invisible at first and then building slowly into  cohesive, recognisable and familiar tunes. Since then I have been working towards a similar approach. Finally, it’s getting there. I’m getting there and it’s exciting, bloody exciting!

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Upcoming gigs

July 6, 2019

Bass Gig – Red Stripe – Hungerford Summer Festival

11 Days
5 Hours
27 Minutes

July 15, 2019

Chaplins – Boscombe

21 Days
1 Hours
27 Minutes

July 27, 2019

Legacy Festival – Eastleigh

32 Days
22 Hours
27 Minutes