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I’ve fallen out of love with social media. There, I said it. I’ve been using the internet since it started and I’ve embraced the whole Twitter (I still love you Twitter, just not for publicity), Facebook Pages and the concept of email mailing lists but I have come to the conclusion that they are rubbish for publicising my music.  It doesn’t work. I have a Mailchimp Mailing list that I have been using for years. I have a 50% open rate on each newsletter I send out and that is regarded as a high rate. I think the industry standard is something like 27%. Mine is a list that folk have to first enter their email address and then have to reply to a confirmation email and yet still only 50% actually open the email?

When it comes to events on Facebook, I get so many likes and folk clicking that they are attending but when it comes to it hardly any of those people actually show up.  Fortunately I am not playing to empty rooms as the people that DO turn up don’t click in the affirmative on the event page. We get so many emails, we are bombarded with internet information

So, what is a man to do?

How do I share my music news to folk that want to know about it?

I thought about how artists did this before the cut, paste and click world we now find ourselves in and the answer was a simple one. They used to have “proper” Fan Clubs and they used to produce “Fanzines” and the y used to send them by mail, to people’s actual addresses!

So that is what I decided to do, but I called it my TannZine, it comes with a free cd and so far, I have sent the first edition to over 50 addresses in 5 different countries. The response so far has been amazing mainly because there actually IS a response. Not only have people been opening the package, they have also responded, something very few of the subscribers did before. So this looks like it may well be replacing social media with regards to sharing my information with people who are interested in my music.

Time will tell Lets se how well then next few editions do.

In the meantime, if you want to receive your copy of the TanZine then simply send me your address.


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