Nick Tann

Bastien Terraz

Bastien was born in France, grew up in Dubai and now lives in the UK. This somewhat unusual path through life means he has been bilingual since the age of 3, learning English at school and French at home.

At the age of 12, Bastien was inspired to pick up the double bass by one of his school music teachers, and his passion for the instrument was born. Within weeks, he was taking classical lessons on double bass, whilst also playing bass guitar for the school rock band.  His passion for music developed through his teenage years and led him to the University of Southampton, where he first started studying jazz seriously, and obtained a BA(hons) in 2001, followed by an MA in Music Performance in 2002.

Bastien has since been a freelance performer and teacher in London and Southampton. Over the years, he has played bass, both acoustic and electric, in numerous bands and orchestras, from classical to pop through jazz and funk, and has taught at all levels from complete beginner to university (he has been the bass teacher at the University of Southampton since 2002). He currently plays in a number of jazz bands in & around Southampton,  is actively involved in running the Southampton Modern Jazz Club and, of course, is a founder member of the Nick Tann Trio

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Upcoming gigs

July 6, 2019

Bass Gig – Red Stripe – Hungerford Summer Festival

11 Days
5 Hours
27 Minutes

July 15, 2019

Chaplins – Boscombe

21 Days
1 Hours
27 Minutes

July 27, 2019

Legacy Festival – Eastleigh

32 Days
22 Hours
27 Minutes