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Nick Tann – 3AM

  • 3AM

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  • Don't

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  • Coming Home

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  • Sadder than Sad

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  • Never Did Me Harm

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  • Can't Stop Missing You

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  • Parallel Lines

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Around two years ago I made the decision to become a full time musician. It has been an amazing journey and I am loving the ride. So far I have met and played with some amazing people and count many of them as good friends.

This is my first studio album having just recorded home demos in the past. It’s a representation of all the noises in my head that I hear when I perform these songs live as a solo singer songwriter accompanying myself with my beloved Taylor acoustic guitar.

Working with my co producer Toby Vane from Zanzibar Production Facility, we set out to make a contemporary album that showed my songs in their best light. I did consider going down the “string quartet route” but decided that programmed beats suited the songs more and also further reflected my musical influences.

The songs reflect the many musical influences I have from the lyrical genius of Elvis Costello to the musical diversity of Led Zeppelin. You may hear traces of funk, reggae and jazz as well as subtle nods to artists such as John Martyn, Jeff Buckley and Sting.

I am so grateful to all the people who have supported me over the last few years not least the amazing number of people who dug into their pockets and donated money to help me make this album. Without their generosity and belief this album may not have been made at all.

Nick Tann    (from the album 3AM) – The music of Nick Tann is tricky. He is a singer/songwriter, a good one, and he can draw you in immediately with an audio whisper in your ear. When he talks to the wall at “3AM”, the title track to his most recent release, your can feel the worry, the angst and anger, as if you were sitting on the edge of the bed with him, the only sound in the room the clocking ticking and the rain on the window. The tricky part is the way Nick wraps the power and pull of his voice with influence textures. He touches the songs with jazz in percussion, bass lines and chopped chord patterns (“Can’t Stop Missing You”), folk through its use of acoustic accents (“Parallel Lines”) and hints of country in its high rolling harmonica riffs and rode hard guitar chords (“Never Did Me Harm”). File the vocals of Nick Tann under soul and you get an idea of 3AMThe Alternate Root 

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Upcoming gigs

July 8, 2017

Nick Tann Trio – Hundred Records – Romsey

11 Days
16 Hours
55 Minutes

July 22, 2017

Nick Tann Trio – Hogfest- Hannington

25 Days
13 Hours
25 Minutes

August 6, 2017

Wickham Festival

40 Days
1 Hours
25 Minutes