Nick Tann

Guy Siviour

Guy was born on the Wirral, a place often awash with the sounds from the city of Liverpool just over the river.  He was enamoured with music from a very early age, learning to play the piano at the age of four, then picking up the violin and viola.

It was the sounds of Led Zeppelin that really turned Guy on to music with a passion, setting him on a journey to discover sounds from around the world, and, most importantly, acquiring a drum kit!  It was the music of Africa that inspired Guy to expand the standard drumkit to incorporate percussion, most significantly, the congas.

Through school and University, Guy has played in several bands, each time achieving a level of local success and recognition, affording the bands the opportunity to record and independently release records of their own material.

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Upcoming gigs

July 6, 2019

Bass Gig – Red Stripe – Hungerford Summer Festival

11 Days
5 Hours
24 Minutes

July 15, 2019

Chaplins – Boscombe

21 Days
1 Hours
24 Minutes

July 27, 2019

Legacy Festival – Eastleigh

32 Days
22 Hours
24 Minutes