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The Vinyl Project
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The Vinyl Project (Download)


Product Description

“Back in July 2009 I was chatting with my good friend and mentor Matt Stevens when I mentioned that I had an idea to make a proper vinyl record. Matt agreed this was a pretty cool idea and suggested I asked people to prepay for the album to make it affordable.

So The Vinyl Project was born.

In 2011, thanks to a generous donation by the amazing Mike Taylor and a happy band of others, I had made enough to go into the studio and to record the album. So on the afternoon of 4th March 2011, 18 months later, I and a few friends Drew Harris, The Real Raj, Justin & Jamie Wayne, Matt Stevens and my wife Debs all turned up at the wonderful Livingstone studios in North London and I recorded this album. It was all recorded live in the studio by the fantastic Kevin Feazey who did a marvellous job not only on the day but also later when he mastered the album.

So fast forward to 2012, the pre payments have been coming in dribs and drabs, I could see that it was going to take years until I would have enough to press the proper vinyl that the name of the project suggests so I made a decision. I would produce the Vinyl Project as a Vinyl CD. It’s not the vinyl that I had been dreaming of but it is still an album that I am very proud of.”


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