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The Nick Tann Trio

The Nick Tann Trio

Consisting of The South’s hardest working singer/songwriter Nick Tann, Double Bass supremo and France’s best export Bastien Terraz and Southampton’s enigmatic creative genius Ruiseart Coleman on Live Pad, you will see a mixture of some and more and less depending what the vibe is.

The Nick Tann Trio is about collaboration and the kind of energy you get when like minded creatives are gathered in the same spot.

At the kernel are Nick and Bastien with Ru carefully working away in the wings, waiting to bring sonic gems to the mix.

Click here to listen to the Nick Tann Trio’s debut album


Touring this summer initially with just Nick & Bastien but with other musicians joining on the way,  adding to the mixture of Blues, Americana, Country and Jazz in a snowball effect culminating in a new album due to be recorded in November.



The Nick Tann Trio Tour Dates


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Upcoming gigs

May 30, 2017

Nick Tann Trio – The Bedford – Balham – London

29 Days
17 Hours
38 Minutes

June 2, 2017

Nick Tann Trio – Cafe Reflections – Southampton

32 Days
17 Hours
38 Minutes

June 11, 2017

Nick Tann Trio – Nunney Weekender – Sunday

41 Days
12 Hours
23 Minutes