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Richard Vobes Walking Videos

Recently I met up with a good friend of mine, Richard Vobes also known as the “Bald Explorer”. He is a very popular “Youtuber” posting videos of his country walks, historic adventures as well as some live shows.

I met up with him earlier this year and recorded this fun live show at his house in Worthing. We chatted about my love of coffee and I was able to demonstrate how to make my favourite Greek Coffee.

We had a lot of fun as you can see


After this I returned the favour and invited Richard to Hampshire where I was able to share a couple of my favourite walks.

He was kind enough to feature some of my music in each of these short videos.

St Catherine’s Hill Part 1


St Catherine’s Hill Part 2



This one covering part of our walk to Winchester via the Hospital of St Cross



And finally ending our walk at Winnall Moors nature reserve in Winchester


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