Legacy Festival - Eastleigh - 27 July 2019

Legacy Festival - Eastleigh - 27 July 2019

My first gig of the festival season and it was a corker! Just a 10 minute drive away in a field, on a stage. I had played a gig at the Railway in Winchester with the band a couple of weeks before and although we played well, the wasn’t much of an audience so I needed a bit of picking up and thats just what happened. I arrived about half an hour before I was meant to start and met Jonny Moody who had just finished his set on the stage I was going to play on. Jonny is an amazing singer songwriter and a hell of a guitarist. It was a shame to have missed him but nevertheless ‘m sure I will catch him in full flow soon. I was debuting The Funkbox this afternoon. Funkbox is an Ipad app that has a bunch of 70’s and 80’s drum machines that can be programmed and saved. I had recently downloaded it and had programmed a few beats to match some of my songs. The idea is to give my solo set a bit more depth and I was looking forward to trying it out live.It worked a treat except that I needed to turn it off and on by hand which was a bit of a pain but overall it worked pretty well.

My set went down really well and I had a lot of people come up and compliment me afterwards which was really nice.

May look a bit serious in this picture, possibly taken when I was singing “Don’t” during which two wonderful small children were standing right at the front of the stage firing their newly bought toy machine guns at me shouting “STOP PLAYING STOP PLAYING” repeatedly throughout whilst their dear parents blissfully ignored them….

Ahem…I met up with Mark Lawrence from the band Broken Links. I have a lot of time for Mark, he’s a genuine kind of guy and extremely funny!

I didn’t catch much of the other bands that played afterwards as I had to get home but it was a great little festival that raised a lot of money for Lloyds Legacy, a really good cause.

I know that I look half asleep here but you can see one of my favourite shirts in this one….

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