D3W3 - Alton - 18 September 2019

D3W3 - Alton - 18 September 2019

And so to D3W3 my favourite Folk Club. I’m not often seen at folk clubs as I don’t really consider myself a folk artist but then D3W3 isn’t your usual folk club. It’s run very ably by the avuncular and enthusiast Lewis Jones at the Alton Rugby Club. As well as  introducing a mixture of local acts and featured artists (as we were that night) he also keeps the night bubbling away telling the odd joke (“Dicing with death” was hilarious!) and keeping the audience well informed on the acts and forthcoming attractions.

the audience was made up of regular locals and artists so they know their stuff!

First up was our very own Guy Siviour who had bagged the opening spot for a few of his own songs. As well as playing drums in my band, he is also a very accomplished singer songwriter. Did a great job, playing a few songs from his new album click here for details  https://www.guysiviour.com/ and went down really well with the audience.

Next up was a young chap Zac Wilkins who played some beautiful songs and a mean guitar (a Martin in DADF#AD tuning if anyone is interested) https://www.zjohnsonmusic.com/  well worth checking out a very accomplished songwriter and excellent performer.

A short break and then it was our turn, well mine as I started the set with a solo rendition of Picture on the Wall. I’m still getting to grips with the performing of this as it’s still a bit new so playing it solo gives me time to get the chords and lyrics all in the right place at the right time. It will be a band song but just needs a bit more breathing space for the time being.

With great reaction from the audience we ran through the rest of the set which went like this

Picture on the Wall




Had it All

Love Lies

Due to time restraints, we hadn’t been able to rehearse as a band and had to make do with practicing in pairs. I went over to Guys and Bastien had to come to mine. We made a few changes , it all gelled on the night and Bastien played out of his skin!

When I get positive reactions from an audience it spurs me on to perform better and by the time we got to “Had it All” I was on fire and really let loose with the chorus, screaming it out. Love times like that.

Was a brilliant night and we all totally loved playing there. We had played there before and will, hopefully be back again as it’s a great little club. Lewis is a star and the audience are knowledgeable and very supportive.  Must also mention the talents of the sound man, the brilliantly named David Fury. A calm and enthusiastic gentleman who made us sound our best and gave e some very welcome advice that I have since taken on board. Thank you David. No pictures from the night unfortunately…

Thank you D3W3 we look forward to seeing you again soon.


D3W3 can be found here https://www.facebook.com/D3W3music/


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