Music in the City – Southampton – 28 September 2019

Playing festivals can often be a double edged sword when it comes to audiences and this years Music in the City was no exception. I’ve been playing this festival before it was actually a festival Jim Chorley and myself plus a couple of other bods played four different venues 12 years ago. One was the ferry cafe and three other, I can’t remember. Since then it has grown to massive proportions with 22 venues and over 70 acts. So my 6.20 spot at the Undercroft was one of quite few performances, which would explain why small but most perfect formed audience numbered around the 20 mark. Fortunately they were a brilliant audience, attentive, appreciative and they were pretty much totally engaged.

It was just Guy and myself, Bastien was busy with real life things, and I think we made a pretty good job of things. We played one less than our set and still made it to the 40 minute mark as was the contract. I had been running though a few things earlier in the day and had added an extra guitar part to Love Lies.

This was the last gig I had with Guy this year, I have two more shows this year and they’r both solo ones. I always try and record gigs and rehearsals and tis one was no exception. I mainly post them to my Patreon page but I thought I would post this one here so you can get an idea of how the gig went. I used a Zoom mp3 recorder and left it at the back of the gig so the quality isn’t that great so I tinkered with the E.Q. so it would sound better. Have a listen and feel free to give your opinion.


Most of my recordings, including live videos, I post to my PATREON page


Photo Steven Phillips

Photo Barry Stovell

Photo by sorry I forgot who took it but thank you.


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