THE TROUBADOUR – LONDON – 16 October 2019

Back at The Troubadour again, because they asked me. Well, I did chase them up the week before but it still counts! Ian (The Troubadour) had me down as the headline act initially but I told hm I would rather be one of the support artists and for  these reasons. No one has heard of me and therefor no one would come and buy tickets to see me. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, this is just a fact. Also, the headline shows I have played in the past have resulted in playing to an empty room at 10.30 when all the other acts, and their fans, have gone home. Not good for the soul that.I got to the gig for 6.30 and caught Mirella (Misileci on Instagram)  doing their sound check. They sounded great and I looked forward to hearing them later. I said hi to the sound guy (I think his name was Nick, there’s my dreadful memory for names again!) got my stuff on stage and did the shortest soundcheck, it was all perfect immediately.

I got my stuff together and made camp at the back of the venue. I saw Tasha (Tash_music_ on Instagram)  soundcheck, then settled down with my phone and sent a few messages until 8.30, my stage time.

My side of the venue, where I had made camp,  started to fill with fans of Mirella and Tasha. They were young, very young I have socks that are older than some of them. Old enough to be in the place, old enough to drink but… you know what I mean. So I’m thinking, are they going to be interested in my stuff?

Fortunately they were. Really attentive and appreciated what I did. The sound guy (Nick?) did a great job and added some special magic in the right places. I played about 30 minutes then listened to Tasha play some cover and a few choice originals. My favourite was “Puppet Strings”. She’s a class act and well worth watching and the guy playing electric guitar for her was pretty amazing too.

I stayed and watched three of Mirella’s songs, stunning vocals and great harmonies but then had to hit the road as it was another 90 minute drive home. This did mean that I completely missed the main act of the night “Man Shaped Wolf” (manshapedwolf on Instagram) but they followed me on Instagram the next day so I’m guessing there were no hard feelings.

Another great gig at The Troubadour for me (click here for my write up for the last one) and I’m still buzzing the day after. I did try to remember to take a picture of the audience but failed yet again! I am hoping that, one day, I can manage to get a few people along to these London gigs so I can make it worthwhile enough to bring the band up but as it is it will have to be just solo for me. I’ll be after more solo gigs in great venues trying to get people involved. The audiences are consistently loving what I do otherwise I would pack it in. I would have tried harder to get people signed up to the mailing list but in the heat of the moment it’s tough performing AND doing all the promo stuff.

We’ll get there!

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