The Art House – 11 January 2020


The first gig of the year for the band and sadly the last one until SEPTEMBER!

I generally dislike gigs where I have to sell tickets. Despite having lived and played in the area since 2006, I am still pretty much unknown in Southampton so therefore I don’t sell many if any tickets. However, Bick (he runs the music side of The Art House) saw me play as part of a Stonewall fundraiser last year and offered me a gig. As people who know me could tell you, ask me and I will play. So, after selling a magnificent 6 advance tickets, Guy, Bastian and myself dully turned up at the gig with a relaxed attitude to ticket numbers. Bick was equally relaxed about it as he is all about the music. Therefore we were all pleasantly surprised with the 21 people who made the trip and were our wonderful audience for the night. As a result we all got paid!

The evening kicked off with the amazing Anita Foxall, who I had invited to be our support for the night. Her poetic and spoken word performance was just perfect for the evening . I kicked off our first set with an acapella version of Boy it feels god to be Free. It’s always a fun song to sing with an intimate audience as well as a larger one. I love the silences! I followed that with a solo version of Crazy Momma after which the band joined me on the rest of the first set. 3AM, Can’t Get Happy, Don’t and Safe Harbour then came the interval.

I kicked off the second half solo again with Never Did Me Harm, which I had not performed for an age. Bastian and Guy joined me for Every Time I see Your Picture, Crazy. Had it All finishing with Love Lies. We had rehearsed earlier in the day and it really made a difference. We pretty much knew what to do and the guys were able to follow me when I went off on a musical tangent.

It was a great night and I got to meet some old friends and make a few new ones. I sold some cds and added a few more people to the small but perfectly formed list of fans and supporters. Bick was very pleased with what we did and it was a pleasure to hand over some cash to him to help support what the Art House does. We will be making a return to The Art House later this year, it was an absolute pleasure to play there and a wonderful surprise to play to a receptive and appreciative audience.

Thanks to Guy for taking the pictures, he did play as well, honest!




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