The Railway – 25 January 2020

I bloody love the Railway. I’m not sure if it’s that it feels like a “proper music venue” or that Jay the sound guy always makes me sound amazing, or that it’s one of the best music venues in Hampshire or that I can easily catch the train and get there in 15 minutes. Whatever it is I always have a great time when I play there and this gig was no exception.

So here we are, another Saturday night and a solo gig at the Railway. Jack is running the show and there were 3 other acts on the bill. I had told him that I was unlikely to sell any tickets but was happy to make up the numbers and on that understanding, here I am.

I wanted to try a different set tonight, missing out a few of my regular songs and mixing things up a bit.

Five minutes before I was due to start, I sat in the empty performance space thinking that this was it audience wise until I heard “Shall I let them in now?” and then the place filled up. No, they hadn’t all come to see me except Paul Ellis  who had noticed that we actually follow each other on Twitter as he was researching the evening. He also took the picture of me you can see at the top of the page. Anyways…. the set when well with people cheering, clapping and laughing in the right places. Because of the lights in the Railway, you can only see the front couple of rows of the audience and if you haven’t filled the room, then you can only see shadows of the people standing back of the stage. I could just make out the shadow of a woman, I presume, who stood and watched my entire set without moving, so I focussed on her for the duration. After I had finished I couldn’t find her so I had no idea who she was.

My new years resolution was to hang around after gigs and be a bit sociable, however for certain reasons* I picked up my gear including my Zoom MP3 recorder I had set up on the sound desk to record the gig and catch the next train home. I know it’s considered bad form for performers to bugger off and not stay and watch the other acts but…. * I am sure hey were great as the Railway only puts on class acts eh?

The recording of the night came out pretty well. I will be posing it up on my Patreon page as next months special exclusive offer.

Next gig is in Hampton Court in Feb where I will be experimenting with a very alternative set. After that will be another show at The Art House in Southampton which I will post details of when the details have been finalised. You can find all of my gigs here on the site, Bandsintown and SongKick. To be kept up to date on everything I do you can sign up to my mailing list to receive regular newsletters









*I was and am presently following an “intermittent fasting” diet where I eat within an 8 hour window. On the day I had started eating at 2pm.  I don’t eat 4 hours before I perform and if I hadn’t caught the 8.40 I would have had to wait and catch the 8.19…..




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