Nick Tann

Nick’s stage show has a confident and  friendly swagger about it. Musical influences including Counting Crows, Bon Ivor and John Martyn help form his acoustic footprint. Although performing with the full band is the norm, Nick still performs solo as well as with Guy (drums) or Bastian (bass) as separate entities. 

Band’s History

You know how you experiment with all these different kinds of things when you are in a college? We do know that for a fact. To give you an example, the range of genres our band members delved into during their college years (2001-2005) r anged from alternative rock, blues rock, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz and country-pop music to minimal techno.

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See What Our Fans Have to Say!

As a blues rock junkie, I’ve been listening to thousands of tracks, hundreds of albums and dozens of artists… I’ve got to say that these guys have the music that fits my mood the best. Their music is amazing and it gets better with each new LP they release!

- John Kamino

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A New LP Album Preview

With the band's 10th anniversary just around the corner, you know what else is? Yep, we're talking about a release of our new long-play music album, which is to become the fourth edition of our incredible music in just 10 years.