White & White (2016)

So, nearing our band's 10th anniversary this year we've already had 3 albums released and more than 1 million copies sold over those years, we were quite confident in recording a fourth LP.Initially devised as an EP, the tracklist was expanded to 15 songs.So while the album still has our classy touch to it, it also has more country-music tie-ins!
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Ready the Sails! (2013)

After the flop that our 2nd, experimental long play album has turned out to be, we were not in a very happy place.Still, by the time we were to celebrate band's 7th anniversary, we felt lucky and decided to go back to our roots - recording 18 brand new songs, all performed with our signature blues-rock style to them...Luckily, since 2013 the album has sold more than 299, 000 copies!
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Friendly Misfire (2010)

While after the initial hit that our debut album's been (which had over 750, 000 downloads in 3 years), we thought that releasing a follow-up LP in 2010 will be just as popular.Unfortunately, our experiment with incorporating the techno, acid jazz, and ludicrous heavy metal into our traditionally jazzy and bluesy rock songs was a miss.Still, the album has hit more than 98, 000 downloads in the last 6 years...
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