At the end of the last century after spending a few years traveling to India, Nepal, Thailand and living in Australia, I was living in London writing and playing whilst holding down a full time job and bringing up my daughter on my own. Initially playing solo, moving to a trio with friends “Drunk on Logic” and then to the funky nine piece "People". All the time playing songs that just came out of my head, no particular plan, no discernible genre a mixture of styles depending on where the songs took us.

Move to this century, move to Hampshire, get married, daughter (Izzy) goes to college then university (B.I.M.M. In Brighton) I quit my job and focus full time on music. New songs, old songs, become a regular on the Southampton and Hampshire music scene. Record fan funded CD "3AM". Perform all over the south west at venues and festivals. Start a two year bass player role with Celtic Rock band "Coast" and tour in Scotland, Denmark, Germany and Norway. Continue writing and performing my own songs solo all over the U.K. Meet French double bass ace Bastien Terraz and form the "Nick Tann Trio" begin performing at intimate coffee shop type gigs, London shows and bigger festivals, record second fan funded CD "Authentic" in my home studio, get more radio play including BBC Radios Solent, Sussex, London and a regular on Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Music Saturday night show.

Add Liverpool's finest percussionist Guy Siviour to the mix, ironically dropping "Trio" from the name, instead using Nick Tann & Band as I continue to perform solo.

Start to use Strymon Engineerings "Big Sky" on recommendation from "Coast" frontman Paul Eastham.... Things start to change....




Songs now taking on sophisticated richer character and encourage greater creativity resulting in new songs and reworking of current set plus the reintroduction of earlier songs.

This reworking also takes in a change of guitar styles utilising more open "Jazz" type chords which results in nearly all songs being transcribed to this new "John Mayer" style  open chord playing.

I am more excited than ever to be playing my music. It still resonates with audiences who continue to engage and support what I do. I have played big festival stages at Wickham Folk Festival, Guilfest, New Forest Fairy Festival, intimate SOFAR venues in cake shops & coffee bars, ticked off some of my favourite London venues The Troubadour, Slaughtered Lamb and regularly perform at The Bedford in Balham. I have added a few more festivals and venues as well as countries to list of places to play. New albums are in the pipeline,  FUNKBOX* which will contain songs from my solo set and "Passions" a full band album.

I have recorded many of my performances on GoPro and these videos and other exclusive content such as rehearsal recordings and "work in progress" recordings I share with my Patreons via my Patreon page.





Despite loving performing with Bastien and Guy, I was still finding myself getting bookings to play solo. I noticed that one of my hero’s Joan as Policewoman was using an old 70s drum machine on some of her solo stuff and it really added a certain something to her sound. I found a great iPad app called "Funk Box" that emulated early 80s and 90s drum machines. Was super easy to programme and totally fitted with what I wanted. I don’t always use it on my solo shows but love it when I do.



“Nick Tann is a singer/songwriter from Hampshire via London and Australia. The thing that hits you initially is that he’s authentic – a man with an acoustic guitar performing his own songs in his own way. With his trusty Taylor 6 string and his trademark Strymon Big Sky reverb machine creating dreamy layers, he surfs and soars. Soulful vocals range from deep rich bass tones through screaming ballsy blues all the way to pure high falsetto notes. You can hear the gentle nods to John Martyn, Radiohead and Counting Crows. There are touches of John Mayer in the guitar playing too, he has obviously thought this through. These are beautifully crafted songs, musical stories that we can all relate to.  Engaging and likeable Nick performs solo as well as with his band of French double bassist Bastien Terraz and Liverpudlian drummer Guy Siviour.”… Dancing about Architecture 2019

Nick Tann Band
Bastien Teraz

Bastien Teraz

Double bass and bass guitar

Bastien Terraz has yet to send me his bio…..
Guy Siviour

Guy Siviour

Drums & Percussion

Guy Siviour has yet to send me his bio..

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