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Hey Joe!

By chance I came across Joe Bonamassa’s new single. Have a listen  When I first heard it, I stopped in my tracks…. Have a listen to this track, give it a while as it has a long intro. What do you think? Did Joe Rip me off? Now, you might[…]

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New Years Resolutions

  I wanted to write a post about my new found passion for running. I noticed that I had already started writing about this back in January and this is what I had written. “I’ve been working hard keeping up my New Year’s Resolutions. I put on a bit of[…]

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Nick Tann on Patreon Become a Patron! Performing is where I come alive but the donkey work that leads up to the gig takes time and effort. You can join me through the musical journey, from the start of the writing process, rehearsals, recording and finally the performance. We will[…]

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Of all the sandwich shops..

  The Cheese Sandwich I love a cheese sandwich, I really do. It doesn’t have to be a fancy sour dough artisan loaf with cave aged cheese and organic sea salt butter either. I love a pappy sliced white bread with a cheese slice kind of cheese sandwich. We all[…]

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Music in the City

photo courtesy Rob Swallow A return to Southampton for this years “Music in the City”, a celebration of live music in the city. The best thing about this festival are the people that come and listen. they are amazing! Some of them make a plan of who are playing and[…]

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Upcoming gigs

July 27, 2019

Legacy Festival – Eastleigh

4 Days
19 Hours
19 Minutes

August 3, 2019

Wickham Festival – Quay West Stage

11 Days
2 Hours
19 Minutes

August 10, 2019

The New Forest Fairy Festival

18 Days
2 Hours
19 Minutes