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Welcome to the mobile version of my website, I made this just for you!
My site is best viewed using a tablet, laptop or desktop if you still have one of those. I spent weeks adding music, videos and all those things 
us music types love to share and it looks great on a big screen.
Still here you are, possibly at a gig having a peek at what else I've got. 
For starters you can listen to my music on Spotify
My live shows are listed on my main website , my Facebook page and SongKick
I send out a regular newsletter to people who subscribe to it.
If you REALLY love what I do then you can click here and subscribe to it  now, whilst you'r possibly waiting or watching me perform. 
I love Twitter, rarely tweet about my music, sometimes I do though. You can find me @Nick_Tann
Hope you enjoy my show if you are at one reading this. If you're not at a show then I hope your curiosity is satisfied. You can use the menu at the top of this page and navigate the rest of my site. It doesn't look that good on a phone, you are best of on something with a bigger screen.  There are videos, a biography and some other bits and pieces that you might find interesting. Feel free to send me a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page. You could tell me what bought you here. that would be interesting. Cheers..