Nick Tann Band

A new chapter in my musical journey has been forming my new band. Consisting of my previous drummer Guy Sivour, keyboard player Jez Austin and bass player Ru Coleman.

Rehearsals started in my garage last year and have carried on to Factory Road Studios in Eastleigh.

These recordings are from the Factory Road rehearsals. They are a little rough as you might expect and my singing is often a little er… rustic but you get the general idea and if you follow our progress then you will you can see how valuable practice is…


These audio recordings are our latest from our last rehearsal and will form the basis of our recording session next month at Quay West Studios in Gosport.


Can’t Stop Missing You. We’ve upped the key to F# 


Had It All. 







The plan is to record a single, Can’t Stop Missing You, as soon as possible in preparation for performances and more recording in 2022.

We are very fortunate to have support from our wonderful Patreons via my PATREON page who get exclusive videos/pictures/audio clips for a small monthly amount of £3.50