Nick Tann & The New Rhythm Method

A new era for me is the forming of The New Rhythm Method, my new band. Consisting of of my previous drummer Guy Sivour and new keyboard player Jez Austin.

Rehearsals in in my garage, we are crafting a new and exciting sound.  

Jez Austin has been a musician since the late ’90s. He enjoys many styles of music, and following a long break from performing, he hopes to bring a mixture of playful soul and low-key funk to the band. Jez was surprised to get the call from Nick, since he hasn’t really played keyboards since the ’90s, or any instrument to speak of for years. He is particularly grateful, as a more mature gentleman, to be making his comeback in a role that doesn’t involve too much standing up.”

“Guy has been playing the drums for over 20 years, having played different styles with many bands over that time. He is excited to be laying down some funk and soul grooves for the band and Nick’s songs.”

Theres an upcoming new e.p. entitled Six Solid Songs to be recorded in 2022 and forthcoming tour on the back of that. 

I’m so excited to work with these great musicians. We’re still short of a bass player but we are focusing on getting the songs rehearsed and ready so a bass player can slot right it!

To give you some idea of how the songs are sounding, here are a couple of field recordings from our last practice. 


Can’t Stop Missing You (Field Recording)


Never Did You Wrong (Field Recording)